9 signs you are a Paper Stationery Lover

May 16, 2018

There are 7 billion people in the world and more than 7 billion personalities. Each of us finds happiness in different things. Amidst them all, there are those who love paper stationery. Outdoors or indoors, coffee or tea, in paper they are free. Read on if you are as paper crazy as us!

Paper cuts- You have paper cuts from turning fresh pages, each one a reminder of a different paper story. Yet, you remain unfazed, your love for paper, unchanged. So much that you start to miss those little punks once they are healed!

Zero closet space- Your room is full of different closets, each one bought for lack of space. Where does all this space go? Our guess is the ever growing wide number of books, notepads, journals, and origami pet collection you are the proud owner of!

No touching, only seeing- You have millions of notepads you haven’t written anything in because – what if my writing isn’t worth the gorgeous pages!

Also, You get super cheesed off if someone so much as touches one of your notepads. Hell will break loose if someone moved your carefully arranged (so you can find the book exactly where you kept it so carefully) collection.

You know your paper- Cardstock, standard, kraft, bristol, these aren’t just names to you. You love your stationery and telling paper apart is one of your many talents!

You like splurging- Your idea of indulgence is buying yourself a whole new collection of paper stationery. Your wishlists are generally full of cute notepads and you find it difficult to wait till salary day to buy them all!

Window shopper- When you need a little pick-me-up, you visit your favourite paper stationery stores. What better way to drive away the blues than some paper loving?

They type, you scribble- While the world moves rather fast because of gadgets, you rely on the faithful notepad safely tucked into your bag. You love to sit down in the park and pen your thoughts down instead of typing it on a cold machine. You like the warmth of a fresh page under your fingertips. You like the fragrance of a brand new book. You like the wet ink that slowly dries on paper after you’ve poured out your heart on it. You like this simple, unquestioning blankness that becomes a canvas for your little mind.

Happy birthday to me– Your friends have no trouble finding the perfect birthday gift for you. Your love for stationery is for all to see.

I have no stationery– you dont have third world problems like – i have nothing to wear! Your real problems are- which notepad do I take in for this next meeting?

If this list sounds like you, you are an official paper head!

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