Freebie – June Monthly Planner

May 31, 2018

Hey Stationery lovers!

How is the summer treating you guys? We feel it’s been a sultry hot May. The only way to beat the heat in India during summers is to binge on some yummy juicy mangoes. I am sure all the mango lovers will agree!

But for us Mumbaikars, end of May means, to wait in much anticipation for just one shower of rain to give us the much needed respite from the blazing Summer!

Well, last month many of you recommended us to give-away, 2 months planner sheets, instead of the new oncoming month, which will help you plan your chores, holidays, appointments,etc.. for the next month too, in advance.

And yes, we understand! So from this month onwards, we will give away, 2 months planner!

Here’s our June monthly planner (Click here) ,

Here’s our July monthly planner (Click Here) ,

Hope this helps you plan better!

Also, have you guys checked out our new collection which is up on the site? Do take a look at the new stuff 😊

And there’s a lot new coming in June too. Stay tuned!

But, for now the only thing on our mind is RAINS!

P.S. We have a product give-away planned for the next blog!! Woot woot!


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