Dear dads, Happy Father’s day!

June 11, 2018

Let’s face it, we just don’t tell our fathers how much they really mean to us. Mums are easy to express to, but fathers are different. They are the support we have without asking, the reality check we need when we get carried away, and the only ATM that’s pretty much never out of cash.

This Father’s day, we decided to bring together our choicest products at 7mm so you don’t have to flurry about at the last minute looking for the perfect (boring) tie. Read on and take your pick from our designer stationery products for dearest papa.

TWC Pocket Books: A great way to keep track of important information, our TWC collection is a set of three notebooks which are easy to carry around pretty to look at too. Dads will appreciate not having to fumble on the phone apps! Buy them here

Weekly Planner: Unlike us, our dads like to be super organised. Bank errands, supermarket trips can now all be jotted down so nothing will be forgotten! Buy them here

Daily Planner: Some days require extensive planning and what better way to do that than a daily planner? Exquisitely designed to keep all appointments in check, a Daily planner is a great way to go as far as gifts are concerned. Buy them here

Notepad: A great addition to his desk, notepads are a good way to record to-dos and chase dreams that he may have lost along the way. Great way to keep him organized in style! Buy them here

My Doodle Pad: Let him unleash his creative genius on our Doodle Pads. Spiral bound, fine paper stationery for the masterpiece lodged in his heart. We’d be honoured! Buy them here

Recipe Box: All dads have some special recipes that come out when they are in a good mood. Keep those alive with this Recipe Box, a perfect gift for when your dad wears his Chef’s hat! Buy them here

Gift Wrappers: This one’s for you. You don’t want to gift him something without some wrapping paper love, right? Buy them here

Go on; get some paper-love back into your dad’s life. And don’t forget to write him a beautiful letter too. Nothing beats the magic of handwritten notes.

Which of these do you think is the perfect gift for your dad? Tell us on our Instagram post and win a gift for your father!

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