Freebie – July Monthly Planner

July 2, 2018

Ready to make July amazing?

You’ll love these free printable July 2018 calendar planners that we have for you! They’re excellent to use to map out your plans of action and daily to-do’s for the month. What are you waiting for? Let’s get set to make July a truly productive and awesome one! We are also giving away the planner for August, so you can pre plan your month!

Click here to get your free monthly calendar for the month of July

Click here to get your free monthly calendar for the month of August

June has been quite refreshing, now that rains are here.
As we draft this blog, sitting cosily in our office, looking up at the clouds as they pour into raindrops all around, hearing the pitter-patter against the window panes, this is all we waited for all round the year. Ah! Monsoon, the very word sounds like some soulful, longing music to your ears when you are soaked with sweat, when the burning heat of the summers just doesn’t seem to go away. There are a lot of things we love about rains, and why not, we have grown up building our memories around rains. So many beautiful moments, unforgettable as they are, remain in our minds patiently waiting to be revived, re-lived and flashbacked. What with some dose of those Kishore Kumar songs!

Some updates on what’s happening at our end:

• Starting to work on yearly planners! So excited, we will try and take you through our journey of planning and execution of the same.
• Also, launching 2 new products this month, keep an eye on our feed.
• On demand, we are reprinting one of our best seller product The Pink Weekly Planner, yes yes you heard us right!

And lastly, we would love to see how you use these monthly freebies!
Do send in some pictures! Show us some love!

These downloads are for personal use only and not available for any commercial purposes.
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Dear dads, Happy Father’s day!