You never want to do rounds of shopping market twice! So pen down your daily shopping and groceries list on our fun market pads to remind you not to miss any item in your list. Notepads are human's best friend.

This illustrated notepads comes with 75 tear off sheets.

Dimensions:- 10.5 x 22 cms.

Price : ₹ 260



Keep your tasks organised and stay on top of your TO DO list in style with this quirky notepad. ✔️ Tick off tasks as you go, and feel the joy of accomplishment.

This checklist comes with 75 tear off sheets.

Dimensions: 10.5 x 22 cms.

Price : ₹ 260

Instead of digging through a box of candies to find just the right words, share your tender sentiments with a note that has all the love but none of the calories! Strike up a heart felt conversation on paper and transform your Sweet Nothings into Sweet Somethings.

This yellow colour edged notepad, comes with 75 tear-off sheets that can brighten your dull day.

Dimensions: 14 x 20.5 cms

Price : ₹ 275

Writing down your goals, tasks and ideas on-the-go is a big part of working smarter. Keep this handy little notepad to hand so that you always have a perfect place to jot things down and enjoy the calm feeling that comes with being well-organised.

This jotter pad comes with 75 tear off sheets.

Dimensions: 11.5 x 20.5 cms

Price : ₹ 260

All of us are drenched in," Opps, I forgot to do this ! " moment every other day in our lives. Stay on track, with those left out tasks with this handy notepad.

This notepad has 75 tear off sheets that come with three different designs.

Dimensions: 12.5 x 22 cms.

Price : ₹ 260

Inspired by the idea to put pen to paper, to capture your ideas and thoughts everyday, this notepad is a must-have in your stationery set. This "Jot It Down" pad is the perfect way to add some colour and fun to your routine.

This notepad comes with 75 tear-off sheets.

Dimensions: 14.5 x 20.5 cms

Price : ₹ 275
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