All of us have lived a moment drenched in the urgency of having to pen something down- a recipe, a phone number, a business idea. Many times, scraps of paper and the backside of bills suffice but sooner than later, they are lost in the endless everyday mess, never to be found again.
(*Sigh* and there goes the story you could have had with the girl on the train. )

The invention and consequent evolution of parchment and quills has served as more than just a vent to emotional, analytical, and political spillage. Desks are incomplete without a to-do list that can be crossed off, crumpled, and bounced into the nearest trash can. Kitchens call for their own shelf of books in which lay carefully tried and tested recipes. And the murmur of first love can only be concealed within the hastily written poems on randomly chosen notebook pages.

It boggles our minds that so many thoughts and emotions can be lodged into a space as tiny as 7 millimeters. This, and the fact that the world could do with more hand-written letters, more scribbles ask-me-outs, more doodles, and daffodils, inspired 7mm, a thoughtful, straightforward, and paper-loving stationery brand.  

Crafted with love that slowly took over our desire to make something new and unique, 7MM represents the revival of all things hand-written. An exquisite romance between quirky and classic, we present to you, your very own brand of fine paper stationery. If we managed to have you pick up a notebook to store your thoughts instead of on a device, the relentless design drafts, innumerable coffee refills, and ridiculously late working nights, will all have made sense.

Join the revival. Write down travel stories in vivid detail, record kitchen adventures, plan Sunday picnics, or simply open your heart into your own little 7MM – a space that is yours to make, and no one else’s to take.

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