How to use the 7mm daily planner for maximum productivity?

How to use the 7mm daily planner for maximum productivity?

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Buying a new planner and looking at the crispy white pages and putting it back in your drawer doesn’t help with anything. Once you buy a planner, you have to take out the time to get organized and use it. 

Here are a few things you must do to get maximum productivity from your day using 7mm Daily Planner:

  •  Set aside time to create a plan

This depends on the kind of work you do and when your schedule permits you to set aside some time to create a plan of action. During this time, you jot down everything you want to do in that day from calls, meetings to tasks you need to complete! Oh, the thought of having a structure to the day and avoiding continuous “what should I do next” makes a real difference. 

You can do this the night before or the same morning, we recommend planning it a night before so you sleep peacefully knowing you already have some control over your day. 

  • Keep it real 

Jot down everything you want to do but be realistic. Have real expectations of yourself and how much you can accomplish because you surely don’t want to end the day with a long list of tasks still to be ticked off. 

  • Keep your planner close 

The point of a daily planner is to check it daily and ensure you’re on track for everything you’ve planned for yourself. It's important to pick out functional yet chic planners so they uplift your desk and you use them daily. Best recommended to keep it next to your bedside and carry it everywhere with you!

  • Keep track of everything 

A daily planner should give you a wholistic idea of your day. The 7mm daily planner has a dedicated space to track your sleep, water intake, expenses and mood that you can fill out at the end of each day to keep yourself in check! 

Focusing on overall well-being is the secret sauce of getting ahead!

  • Quality over quantity

Initially you may have the urge to fill up all the lines with tasks, but it's important to be okay with having a planner that has empty spaces as long as you’re churning out good quality work for those few tasks. Focus on quality ALWAYS! 

  • No guilt planning 

The entire planner is UNDATED!! So you date it exactly how you want to without having to leave any pages empty whenever you take a break

Your dates exclusively! 

  • Brain dumping 

Inspiration hits you anytime, anywhere and you should be ready for it! Don't worry we make sure you're ready with blank pages against each day's plan for brain dumping all the random ideas that you get in the middle of the day!

So are you ready to unleash your highest potential with the 7mm daily planners? Anything you want to get done, you manifest it first on your daily planner! 

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