10 ways to fill up your blank notebooks and journals

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Recently got your hands on some new notebooks or can’t seem to understand how to use all your hoarded paper stationery?

We know it’s very difficult to use that first page, in fear of ruining it. The activity of writing on the first page of a new notebook can be exciting as well as full of anxiety. And maybe you might end up having all your notebooks left blank!

We are here with some amazing ways you can fill up your diaries without wasting any pages

  1. Bullet journaling - Bullet journals can help you be organized in a creative way! If you want your own personalized planner, bullet journaling will help you create layouts and spreads customized to your needs. You can have your own illustrations created and hand drawn. 

  1. Lettering practice - If you love the process of lettering or want to practice a lot of it. A fresh new notebook can give you a kickstart. Make use of the pages by practicing calligraphy and many more fonts!
  1. Recipe journal - Your recipes deserve their own space. Keepsake your special and secret recipes here so you never forget to add that main ingredient! 

  1. Junk journal - Make use of junk papers or any material to create a beautiful layout or collage. Scrap papers when put together, look very beautiful and artistic. You can have all such layouts in one notebook and reach out to it when you need inspiration.
  1. Painting journal - Water color, acrylic, gouache – have some fun painting in one place! Let your creativity flow on paper, you can even use them to draw, sketch and doodle!
  1. Health journal - Health and fitness freaks assemble! You can track your daily workout goals, calories, weight, health, etc by creating your own fitness tracker. You can write or record your workout routine to make sure you never miss out on anything!
  1. Creative writing - If you love writing short stories, or absolutely anything, treasure them in a notebook. Pen down your love for words because they need to be registered and remembered.

  1. Travel journal - To make sure you carry all your essentials and never forget your passport at home, maintain a travel planner! You can use it for planning as well as storing your trip memories. Stick up polaroids or tickets, transform a blank notebook into a travel journal so you have all your adventurous memories in one place.
  1. One sentence a day - At the end of the day, make note of one thing or a highlight from the day. You can even describe your day in one sentence so you can always go back and recollect your memories!
  1. Study notes - We know taking notes can be a boring task for some. You can use dot grid notebooks to draw diagrams and make your notes fun by using colored pens or highlighters. Keep all your notes in one place, in an aesthetic way!

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